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Cité de l’Objet Connecté

This is a factory of a new kind, led by a consortium of 18 companies, including Eolane (majority shareholder). The City of Smart Devices (IoT City) is an industrial accelerator whose role is to meet the needs of project holders and innovative companies specialized in the Internet of Things.

The originality and strength of this concept lies in the concentration, in one single space, of a whole set of required competencies to make smart devices ranging from hardware and software, plastics industries, to mechanics and design. This one location structure enables the transformation of concepts into prototypes, even the production of pre-series, within just a few months.

As an accelerator of industrial innovations, the City of Smart Devices (IoT City) promotes the development of smart devices designed by startups, SMEs, Mid Cap companies and large corporations at every stage of the process. To cope with international competition and the acceleration of production cycles, successful innovation requires the pooling of know-how from design to integration through industrialization. But there is more: through partnerships with the ecosystem, companies will also be guided in their economic structuring and given contacts with retailers and investors. By gathering all the required expertise and providing French Tech companies with long term perspectives, the City of Smart Devices (IoT City) has one ambition: to make the ‘made in France’ digital excellence shine abroad. Angers French Tech, a dynamic embodied by WISE’Factory.