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We Network cluster (West Electronics and Applications Network) brings together stakeholders in electronics and users coming from all industries. As a network facilitator and project developer in Research, Training and Innovation, We Network uses its multidisciplinary expertise and knowledge of the electronics design and manufacturing ecosystem in Western France.

Thanks to its expertise in mechanics, computer science and electronics, We Network gives advice, trains and coaches, in a neutral way, companies willing to innovate by adding intelligence to their products or production processes.

It is from the WISE’Factory that We Network will steer “WISE”, the entity in charge of the development strategy for smart systems in Western France. The initiative will be conducted in collaboration with players in Research and Training as well as businesses based in Pays de la Loire.

Headquartered in Angers, We Network gathers 167 members (companies, higher education institutions, research laboratories, clusters, financial institutions and government agencies).

We Network is present on 2 axes:

  • The design and production of smart systems (smart devices, smart sensors and smart power).
  • The industry of the future and the upgrading of production processes throughthe use of smart systems (emanufacturing).